In 1926, Laura Clough Scudder started Laura Scudder's in Monterey Park, California making potato chips. Naming the company after herself reflected her personal dedication and pride in offering the highest quality and best tasting food products available in the market. Throughout her lifetime, Mrs. Scudder’s was credited for many innovations in the food industry. Most notably was the introduction of wax paper bags as a packaging solution for potato chips. Historically, potato chips, prior to wax paper bags, were packaged in barrels or tins. The wax paper bags allowed potato chips to be stored in a more stable and secure environment keeping them fresher longer while also reducing crumbling. This wonderful invention allowed potato chips to be mass marketed, making them a new convenience food. Laura Scudder's was also credited as the first company to imprint a freshness date on their food products, once again setting the standard, which is now mandatory for today's food products. Mrs. Scudder’s superior products and innovative solutions made Laura Scudder’s brand a household name on the west coast.

Today, The Laura Scudder's Company continues Mrs. Scudder's tradition. Only the finest ingredients are used in our products and only great tasting products have the honor of being labeled as Laura Scudder’s. Our continued commitment to providing customers with the best food products available has established loyal customers throughout our great nation.

For many generations Laura Scudder's has remained a household name thanks to our loyal customers and premium products. So remember... if you don't see Laura Scudder's products at your local grocery store please request them from the store manager.